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Weight Loss Success Stories

Melissa lost 96 pounds!

There are so many wonderful benefits to this program that I can only say that seeing me will make you believe that it is possible.

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About HMR

HMR - The Leader in Clinically Proven Weight Loss

HMR is the leader in medical weight-loss programs, recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals in prestigious clinics, medical centers, and hospitals around the country. Founded and run by healthcare professionals, HMR's comprehensive programs provide:

  • Weight-loss results that exceed any other ongoing weight-loss program
  • Options for everyone—from clinic programs with medical supervision, to do-it-yourself diet kits
  • Superior results and program support
  • Delicious, nutritionally balanced weight-loss foods
  • Affordable diets with meal costs that are lower than most people's food budgets
  • Support tools to make your diet easier and recipes to increase variety
  • An easy-to-follow, practical approach that teaches life-long skills for healthy weight management
For 25 years, HMR has been helping dieters achieve healthy weight loss. Our clinically proven programs are based on extensive scientific research and are widely recognized for their successful outcomes. To date, more than a million dieters have chosen HMR to lose weight and gain greater health. You can too!

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