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Metabolic Bone Disease

Sometimes patients are told they have “osteoporosis” or “osteopenia" when the cause of their fragile bones is something else entirely.  Metabolic bone disease refers to a variety of abnormalities of bones caused by a wide spectrum of disorders.

Most commonly these disorders are caused by abnormalities of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus or magnesium or other medical problems such as liver or kidney disease.  Metabolic bone disease is often reversible once the underlying defect has been treated.

Gastric Bypass and Metabolic Bone Disease

Bone problems are extremely common in patients who have had obesity surgery such as gastric bypass surgery or duodenal switch. The exact cause is unknown but thought to be due to improper absorption of vitamins and minerals. Gastric bypass patients are prescribed vitamins and minerals and monitored regularly to prevent and treat metabolic bone disease.