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Weight Loss Success Stories

Published Results:
62 lbs in 21 weeks

Average weight loss for patients after 21 weeks on the HMR diet program. Data collected from three groups of patients treated at the HMR Program, University of Kentucky. HMR's medical research, weight loss, and weight maintenance data have been published in several leading medical and nutritional journals.

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AEA Profiled on Top Ten

How to Gain Control of Your Weight

The popular website, recently profiled Atlanta Endocrine Associates in an article "How to Gain Control of your Weight." The CitySpur review staff travels around the country and places businesses and services in top 10 lists for every major category.  The writers come to their conclusions by a combination of: Conducting Interviews with the Businesses Directly, Meeting with Area-Specific Journalists, Tallying Online Reviews and Listening to You.

The following is an excerpt from the profile on CitySpur's "Atlanta 10"
Obesity has become a major health concern for many Americans.  Many have battled the problem for years and searched for ways to reduce their weight.  Many have been on diet after diet, only to get discouraged and gain additional weight.  We understand that it is important to eat a nutritious diet and exercise, but that's about it.  Many of us have never been aware of the body's internal connections with weight loss. Now, with the findings of Dr. Scott Isaacs, we are learning to take control of our weight by making some positive lifestyle changes. 

Dr. Scott Isaacs, Atlanta-based author, board-certified endocrinologist and medical director of Atlanta's Atlanta Endocrine Associates, has done extensive research on the role of hormones within the body.  He has done extensive research on obesity, stress and diabetes. He was regarded as a weight loss expert during his appearance on TBS television.  He has authored books revealing the importance of total hormonal balance for weight loss. He has encouraged his patients to make positive lifestyle changes like eating nutritious, healthy foods throughout the day, limiting food portions at mealtime, tracking your blood sugar levels, exercising regularly and losing excess weight.  

Dr. Isaacs determined that hormonal balance is the key to permanent weight loss.  His research indicates that when there is hormonal imbalance, even when one hormone is out of the normal range, then it affects the body. He determined that to lose weight and keep it off, your hormones must be balanced.