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The average weight loss for patients on the HMR diet program after 21 weeks is 62 pounds. HMR's medical research, weight loss, and weight maintenance data have been published in several leading medical and nutritional journals.

Gold Standard

HMR Awards:

Atlanta Endocrine Associates Receives Gold Standard Award for Excellence at HMR 2012 National Meeting

HMR Team: Annie Goode, Bethany Knott, Misty Roland and Bethany Burton with HMR president and HMR founder Larry Stiffler, Ph.D.

Thanks to the hard work of all our patients and staff, we are pleased to announce that Atlanta Endocrine Associates recently received the HMR Gold Standard Certificates of Achievements at the 2012 HMR National Meeting.  This award distinguishes Atlanta Endocrine Associates from hundreds of clinics nationwide that are using the HMR weight-loss program.  Dr. Lawrence Stifler, Ph.D., founder and president of HMR personally handed out the certificate at a recent training the staff attended in Orlando, Florida. HMR recognizes programs that demonstrate excellence in performance and patient care by presenting Gold Standard Certificates annually to selected clinics.  The criteria for the awards include such variables as group attendance, compliance with the imperatives, weight loss success rates, and weight maintenance success rates.  HMR clinics nationwide submit clinical data in these areas.  The top programs are then awarded the Gold Standard Award for excellence within these different categories. It’s clear you are committed to better health management! Atlanta Endocrine Associates has won HMR Gold Standard Awards every year since 2003.