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We specialize in the medical treatment of obesity.

We recognize that obesity is a disease, not a lifestyle choice. There are a lot of weight loss programs out there. If you follow almost any one of these, you will likely lose some weight. But eventually the weight loss stops. And then, without you doing anything differently, you slowly (or sometimes rapidly) start gaining back the weight. This happens because of your hormones. Your appetite, metabolism and body weight set-point are tightly regulated by hormones produced by your stomach, intestines, pancreas and fat cells. If these hormones are out of balance, sustained weight loss can be next to impossible. When you diet and exercise, you lose weight, but then your hormones change driving your appetite up, your metabolism down and your weight back up. In order to lose weight and keep it off for good, you must address your body's biochemistry.

At Atlanta Endocrine Associates, we help you lose weight through the science of endocrinology and correction of hormonal dysfunction, not willpower.

It is not your fault. It is not about willpower. We can help you.

We offer a variety of weight loss plans to suit your specific needs including the option of weight loss medications. Whatever your weight-loss goals, losing weight starts here with a plan that's right for you. Our medically supervised weight-loss programs are scientifically based and promote fast, maximum weight loss and better health. Patients in our weight loss programs lose an average of 62 pounds in 21 weeks.

Fast weight loss is better than slow weight loss.

A common misconception is that losing weight quickly is not healthy, not sustainable, and will just lead to future weight re-gain. To the contrary, numerous clinical studies demonstrate that following a weight loss program which promotes fast initial weight loss can result in better long-term success. We are proud to be a provider of the No. 1 Best Fast Weight-Loss Diet in U.S. News & World Reports' Best Diets Rankings.

Rapid and Safe. Scientifically Based. Proven Results.

Many people lose over 100 pounds.

Whether you have 200 pounds to lose or just 20, we can help. More than just a diet, our weight loss programs provide you with lifelong skills for your health and weight management. Our science-based approach is backed by years of experience. Our state-of-the-art weight management programs will improve weight and overall health at the same time. We specialize in comprehensive and compassionate approach to weight loss.

We offer a variety of options, all of which emphasize the easiest, most effective strategies for weight loss and long-term weight maintenance.

  • Rapid, safe weight loss under medical supervision
  • Personalized attention and follow-up
  • Fast, easy, filling weight-loss foods
  • Option of weight loss medications
  • Focus on long-term weight maintenance

Weight Loss Programs

We offer weight loss programs in partnership with Health Management Resources. HMR is the leader in medical weight-loss programs, recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals in prestigious clinics, medical centers, and hospitals around the country. For 30 years, HMR has been helping people achieve healthy weight loss. Our clinically proven programs are based on extensive scientific research and are widely recognized for their successful outcomes. To date, more than a million people have chosen HMR to lose weight and gain greater health. You can too!

HMR has published the best weight-loss and -maintenance data of any ongoing treatment program. Atlanta Endocrine Associates takes pride in being one of HMR's top programs and has received many HMR Gold Stand Awards since we started our program in 2001.

The HMR Program offers participants several choices including the option of rapid weight loss under medical supervision.

Medical Evaluation for Abnormal Weight Gain

Many people gain weight despite eating healthier and getting more physical activity. If you are working hard at losing weight and are not seeing results, you need the help of an expert. Scott D. Isaacs, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E.is a board certified endocrinologist who specializes in the medical and hormonal evaluation and treatment of abnormal weight gain and diet-resistant obesity. We specialize in hard-to-treat cases.