Phase 2: Ongoing Weight Loss and Maintenance

For Losing Weight Today and Keeping It off Tomorrow™

We offer a comprehensive maintenance and weight management program dedicated to help you develop the skills to keep off the weight you've lost. Our major goal is not simply to help you lose the weight, but to keep it off long term. In our extensive maintenance program, you will practice and over-practice weight loss skills until they become part of your everyday life.

Improving health is an important goal of weight loss. The lifestyle skills you'll learn in weekly classes are the same skills that can improve your health and reduce your risks for chronic diseases. HMR patients can experience dramatic improvements in their overall health as a result of participating in the program and learning how to make sensible changes in diet and lifestyle.

Losing weight is only the beginning of learning the skills for weight management. Participating in the maintenance phase of the program provides you with a structure to support you in practicing those skills long-term. Our maintenance program is so effective, that many of our patients continue to lose weight while in the program. The program will help you face the real world and eat real food without feeling hungry or having cravings.

Studies consistently show that people who lose more weight and keep off more weight with group support and accountability. Our maintenance groups are growing and there is a whole new group of folks for you to share your successes and struggles. If you are a former maintenance patient and have noticed an upward trend on the scale lately, come back to maintenance group for an eight week mini-blast and get back on track. Give us a call! We would love to see you back.



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