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Scientifically Based. Proven Results.

Health Management Resources (HMR) weight loss programs have been recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals in prestigious clinics, major medical centers, and hospitals for over 30 years. Atlanta Endocrine Associates has been a provider of the HMR program since 2001. All programs are scientifically based and promote fast, maximum weight loss and better health.

This time it can be different.

Get to your goals faster with a clinically proven medically supervised diet and lifestyle-change program, specially designed for people who want to lose a lot of weight. 

  • Fast weight loss is better than slow weight loss
  • 43-66 lbs. average weight loss in 12-26 weeks1
  • Many patients lose over 100 lbs.
  • Follow a simple plan, replacing your current meals and snacks with HMR foods.
  • Learn how to make a few key lifestyle changes.
  • Get expert health coaching from a registered dietitian for support and accountability.
  • What sets HMR apart

1 From HMR published studies.

Here’s what’s included in the
HMR Program:

  • HMR weight-loss foods to promote fast weight loss
  • Medical supervision
  • Lifestyle classes to learn new skills and make plans for meaningful change
  • Expert health coaching
  • Multi-disciplinary team to provide support when you need it
  • Maintenance phase to protect your weight loss

Medical Supervision

If you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s important you do it safely. That’s why we offer medical oversight to those who may need it. This is especially important if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other conditions that should be monitored during weight loss. There is also an option for weight loss medications prescribed by an obesity specialist.

Fast, Significant Weight Loss

A common misconception is that losing weight quickly is not healthy, not sustainable, and will just lead to future weight re-gain. To the contrary, numerous clinical studies demonstrate that following a weight loss program which promotes fast initial weight loss leads to better long-term success. Not only is fast weight loss motivating, it means you can spend less time “on the diet” and more time living a new healthy lifestyle. HMR’s easy-to-follow program has been ranked by US News and World Report as the number one diet for fast weight loss.

2 Options for Weight Loss

Choose the option that works best for you. Rapid weight loss with the decision-free diet or moderate weight loss with the Healthy Solutions program.

Option #1:
Decision-Free Program

  • More weight loss, more support
  • 43-66 lbs. average weight loss in 12-26 weeks
  • Weekly classes for connection and accountability
  • Free digital resources, including the HMR app
  • HMR foods only (shakes • entrees • cereal • soup • bars)
  • No other grocery store or restaurant food
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Medically supervised
  • How it works

Option #2:
Solutions Program

  • Less structure with consistent weight loss
  • 28 lbs. average weight loss in 12 weeks 
  • Weekly classes for connection and accountability
  • Free digital resources, including the HMR app
  • HMR foods (shakes • entrees • cereal • soup • bars)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • No other grocery store or restaurant food
  • Medically supervised

Never Go Hungry

If you’re hungry, chances are you won’t stick to your plan, and you won’t lose the weight you want. HMR’s approach lets you eat as many of the foods on the plan as you want to stay full… yet still lose weight! If you need extra support, weight loss medications can be prescribed and monitored in the medically supervised program.

We’re Ready When You Are!

Click here to watch a short informative video about the HMR Program.

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